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NFT, The Internet phenomenon has caused a lot of buzz in the Art Market.

NFTs are gaining momentum and defining new dimensions in the Art Market, particularly how artworks can be traded.

What are NFTs?

A Non-fungible token (NFT) is a crypto token that represents a specific digital asset such as a photo, video clip, GIF, article or Tweet.NFTs can be used to tokenize digital art, and these NFTs can then be traded on NFT marketplaces to make a profit.

What are the key characteristics for NFTs?


Fungibility is the ability to exchange an asset for another of similar-kind.

One Bitcoin can be exchanged with another Bitcoin, as their value is the same.

One diamond cannot be exchanged for another because there are no identical diamonds on the planet.

NFTs are also not fungible in the exact same way. Each NFT is unique and cannot be exchanged or replaced by another.

By encoding NFTs with a unique, blockchain-native identification number that is unchangeable and immutable, they are unique

The Blockchain-typical properties

An NFT is a crypto token and has blockchain-typical properties.

  • Decentralization
  • Recording transactions in a distributed ledger
  • Records cannot be changed
  • Indestructible and verifiable

Cryptographically authenticated NFTs

NFTs can be traded using cryptocurrencies

NFTs' value and price fluctuate. It may rise or fall over time.

A single NFT can only have one owner at any given time

Why are NFTs so valuable or important in the art market

  • It is a unique stamp that identifies a piece or Art, and makes it valuable.
  • NFTs can be used as evidence of ownership

How can you capitalize on NFTs

Sell and create NFTs: Digital artists, content creators, and digital artists are creating NFTs in order to sell their art and reach secondary markets.

Trade and invest in NFTs. Investors and collectors are just as interested in the NFT market as they are with the stock and cryptocurrency markets. They invest, wait for the value to appreciate, then they sell and make a profit. OpenSea is one of the most popular places to sell and buy NFTs. Other options include SuperRare and Foundation. AtomicMarket and Myth Market are also available.

Start your own NFT marketplace. Another way to profit from the popularity and rage of NFTs, is to create your own NFT market. NFT marketplaces are also in high demand due to the explosion of NFT commerce.

LeewayHertz can help you launch your custom NFT marketplace

  • Our NFT marketplace solution for blockchain-focused entrepreneurs, art platform, start-ups and game publishers is available to all interested businesses
  • We can help you create your NFT marketplace and reduce the time-to market.
  • Our solution allows you to trade, sell, and bid on NFT-backed digital assets or other assets.
  • Key features of LeewayHertz’s NFT white-label market solution are
  • NFT Rankings hourly
  • Tokens listed as a collection
  • Search filters
  • Simple browsing by category
  • Unlockable Content
  • Favorite Mark
  • You have the option to add a colleague
  • Wallet integration, and many other features.

A call to action

We would love to work with you if you are interested in creating your own NFT marketplace. Book a demo of our white-label NFT Marketplace solution.

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